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Either keep sailing forever on the rocking boat and enjoy the view or take charge of the wheel and steer it in the direction of your goals.

A young girl leaping with joy with her arms wide up in the air
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Life is full of challenges that come in many different shapes and sizes. Some come in rocket sizes too. And for that reason, whatever life throws at you, you must be ready to stand tall and be strong. …

Motivation is in your head. No one else can make you do it.

Image Credit — Foundry Co from Pixabay

Do you ever find yourself thinking about how much you are going to accomplish sometime in the future, but then when the crucial time comes to actually put in the work, you are unable to find the…

The magnificent evolution from random to national colors, and ultimately sponsorship liveries.

Alfa Romeo Bimotori Scuderia Ferrari, a racer with two 3.2 (3.165-litre) engines.
Alfa Romeo Bimotori Scuderia Ferrari, a racer with two 3.2 litre engines. Image Credit —

In the early 1900s of motor racing, it was very common to make references to the “red” cars from Ferrari or Maserati, the “green” cars from Vanwall, Aston Martin or Jaguar, and the “white” or “silver” cars from…

Formula One Forever - Guts & Glory

Formula One Forever is an exclusive publication that shares stories of the past, present, & future of F1. Over the last 70 years, F1 cars have become more technologically advanced, and their drivers leaving nothing to chance to make their mark on the sport.

The evolution of Formula 1 has…

Behind the scenes of how Formula 1 teams make every race happen.

The Formula 1 circus in any given year travels to almost 21 countries across 5 continents in a span of 9 months. It is one sport that has the biggest and the best logistical planning and execution, as…

The 1894 Paris-Rouen race averaged 11mph ushering a new era of motor racing

All the photos are courtesy of The Helck Family Collection.

In the 1890s, cars were still a relatively untested technology. Various steam-powered contraptions had been chugging along the roadways since the late-18th century, but more lightweight, driver-friendly vehicles had only arrived on the scene as recently as…

The extraordinary story of Formula 1 Champion James Hunt

James Hunt

It was the year 1972. James Hunt, the flamboyant and unconventional Formula 1 driver of all times was a battle-scarred veteran of four largely unsuccessful years in the Formula 3 wars.

He had also had enough of the F3 category, but…

Just thinking about something is as good as doing nothing.

Samurai taking action with a moon behind him
Image Credit — Yatheesh Gowda from Pixabay

This is the story of a brother and sister in Matsumoto, Japan. Life was wretched in Japan right after the end of World War II. …

The magic of Formula 1 pit stops — the story and passion behind it.

Image Credit — Anonymous

Formula 1 is the most prominent of motorsports with millions of fans worldwide. Each year, Formula 1 teams, composed by a multitude of professionals (drivers, car engineers, R&D staff, technical & mechanical officers, team managers and…

Bold decisions and immaculate strategy execution can lead to winning races.

Image Credit — Annonymous

Over the last few decades, conventional overtaking in Formula 1 cars by banging wheels (or knocking the other driver out by sliding into him) has become increasingly difficult, and regulations also have become quite stringent to disallow such moves.

Rupesh N. Bhambwani

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